What's special about my courses?

 My courses focus on your needs:

  • We don't follow a book, repeating things you already mastered or neglecting topics you need to focus on

  • thanks to indiviual care, you don't get left behind in a big group

  • your curriculum is designed individually to your needs and adjusted to your pace of learning

My courses are communicative:

  • you will be the person leading the conversations, I'll be there to give you feedback

  • you won't receive long and dry monologues on grammar rules, but experience a lively and vivid language

  • teaching language always includes storytelling, cultural insights and role-play – all depending on what you prefer

I'm here for you outside of lessons:

  • You'll get supervision through correction of homework and individual feedback in your learning diary

  • You'll get help reflecting on your learner's type and support on identifying your exact goals – if needed